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Keep Cornerstone major donors, Kelli Christoferson and Adam Rynd (Photo submitted by Kristina Stepper)

Adam Rynd and Kelli Christoferson are modern-day heroes, plain and simple. Their $100,000 contribution to the Keep Cornerstone campaign enabled Chelan Valley Hope to purchase Cornerstone from the City of Chelan, ensuring that Cornerstone will be the permanent home of compassionate community care for the Greater Lake Chelan Valley.

Adam and Kelli have a unique understanding of urgent, critical need. When she was very young, Kelli’s family experienced poverty and homeless that too many people struggle with in the United States. By the time she was 10 years old, Kelli was the surrogate mother for her three younger brothers while her father struggled to earn enough to provide for the family. Fortunately, Kelli’s story had a happy ending thanks to the generosity of community care organizations in Wenatchee. They received housing, food, and the basics they needed to survive, and little by little, their lives returned to normal.

Today Kelli and Adam are highly successful business owners. They determined early on in their relationship that they wanted to support a cause that would help the Chelan community who are most in need. They learned about the Keep Cornerstone capital campaign and decided it was a perfect way for them to give back to the people of Chelan.

“Investing in a permanent facility that houses a variety of community care organizations makes perfect sense. Helping make this dream a reality is truly an honor for us,” said Adam. Kelli added, “When people are struggling, being able to get the help they need in one location is truly important. At Cornerstone, people find help and hope from volunteers who treat them with respect and dignity. They have the opportunity to get on their feet again.”

Now that Cornerstone’s purchase is finalized, Adam and Kelli look forward to being active in its future. Kelli has joined the Chelan Valley Hope Board of Directors, and Adam will remain involved with the management and future expansion of the building. “We’re very excited about the future for the Cornerstone Building,” Adam said. “We can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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CHELAN, WA, (10/5/2016) – Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties, the leading residential real estate firm in Central Washington, announced today the donation of $5,000 to help launch Project Playground.  Project Playground is a campaign led by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for Morgen Owings Elementary School in Chelan, Washington. 

“We are very excited to help launch the Project Playground fundraising campaign with a $5,000 cash donation,” said Adam Rynd, Owner and Designated Broker of Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties.  “My children attend Morgen Owings Elementary and I have personally seen the need for new playground equipment.  Our children need more and better playground equipment to help them grow and be successful in the classroom.”

For several years, the Morgen Owings PTA has been developing a plan to replace playground equipment at the school.  The current equipment is becoming unsafe and is not large enough to meet the needs of the 650 students who now attend the school.  A fundraising campaign was launched last month called “Project Playground” with the goal to raise $85,000 by June 2017.  All donations support the removal of unsafe equipment and add large new play structures to the Morgen Owings Elementary playground.

Camisha Hughbanks, current President of the PTA at MOE, described the need for Project Playground: “Some of the playground equipment is over 30 years old at Morgen Owings Elementary.  I remember playing on it as a child myself.  Other playground equipment is only 15 years old, but is boarded up and broken in places,” according to Hughbanks.

A complete plan has been developed with a playground equipment vendor and Project Playground has been approved by the Lake Chelan School District School Board.  Project Playground has already received commitments for volunteer labor worth nearly $20,000 and additional $15,000 has been contributed from the Morgen Owings PTA budget.  As of October 1, Project Playground still needed $50,000 in cash contributions.

“Our donation is intended to spur additional support from the business and real estate community in Chelan,” Rynd shared.  “Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties has chosen to focus our community service program to help support kids and schools.  Project Playground is a great continuation of that investment in our community.”

The new playground will meet both safety & capacity standards for MOE., and they are looking for ways to help with the cost.

Rynd and his fiancé, Kelli Christoferson, also personally donated $100,000 in 2015 to fund half of the purchase of the Cornerstone Building in Chelan, WA.


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