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Welcome to the beautiful Methow Valley!

ECONOMIC TRENDSbuying a home in winthrop washington

The Methow Valley economy traditionally upticks when the North Cascade Highway opens, usually in mid to late April. The long and busy summer visitor and recreation season grows steadily through spring and summer. Fall is known for beautiful weather and vibrant colors. A lively winter season begins with the holidays and lasts until the best snow is gone, usually mid March


U.S. Forest Service, Washington State Fish and Wildlife, Assorted Salmon Recovery Agencies, the Methow Valley School District, Sun Mountain Lodge, businesses catering to recreation and tourism.


          Mazama:          2012’

          Winthrop:         1765’

          Twisp:              1637’

          Carlton:            1414’


Annual average precipitation: 13 inches

    -- Includes an average snowfall of 82 inches.
    -- 12“ snow = 1” precipitation
    -- The first snow usually falls in late October and continues into March. 
    -- December 1996 holds the record snowfall of 72” in a single storm!

TEMPERATURES buying a home in winthrop washington

Average daily low temperatures:
    -- Teens in winter
    -- 50s in summer

Average daily high temperatures:
    -- 20s and 30s in winter
    -- 80s and 90s in summer

Record Temps:
    -- High:   106° in 1939
    -- Low:    –48° in 1968



Methow Valley Total:  4.500 (approx.)

Winthrop:     308 

Twisp:          997              

DATA FROM 2010 CENSUS: These figures do not reflect the 40% of households owned by part-time residents. Actual population is higher during peak season when both full- and part-time residents are here.


RENTAL HOMES:    Start at $450 per month

PURCHASE HOMES/CABINS:    $150,000 and up

LOTS & ACREAGE:     $30,000 and up



The Valley has two medical clinics: the Methow Valley Clinic (Confluence Health) in Winthrop, with two physicians, a Physicians Assistant & a Nurse Practitioner, and the Family Health Center in Twisp, with a physician and 3 Nurse Practitioners.  There are three dental offices, several naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, counselors, and midwives.  The local Aero Methow Rescue has four ambulances with a staff of full-time paramedics and qualified emergency medical technicians.  Hospitals are located in Brewster (43 miles from Winthrop) and Omak (46 miles from Winthrop).  Ulrich’s Pharmacy in Twisp provides full-service prescription services. Room One (in Twisp) provides a variety of community services, including support groups, access to state services and ongoing classes. Jamie’s Place provides assisted living in Winthrop. The Methow Valley now has three veterinary clinics.


To keep you in shape for recreation, Winthrop Fitness and Physical Therapy offers a beautiful exercise facility and a variety of ongoing classes year round.


The Methow Valley School District includes Methow Valley Elementary (K-6) and Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High (7-12), both located between Twisp and Winthrop, as well as an alternative school located in Twisp.  Winthrop has both a private Montessori school (preschool and K) and a private Community School (1-8).



Radio:  KTRT 97.5 FM in Winthrop  

            KOZI 103.1 FM in Chelan

            KPBX 91.1 FM in Spokane  (NPR)

Newspaper:  The Methow Valley News—Twisp

Television:    available by Satellite

Internet: (local)


                 DSL from CenturyLink

                 Satellite providers


North Cascades Smokejumper Base, located between Twisp and Winthrop on East County Road, with a 5,050’ lighted runway and self-service fuel
Twisp Municipal Airport, located at the south end of Twisp, with a 2,500’ lighted runway and no services

Lost River Airstrip, located 7 miles NW of Mazama, a gravel/grass strip with no services


TRANGO Valley Bus Service daily! (M-Sat)

Mountain Transporter  -  recreation / regional

Methow Ride Share     - ride share connections

Senior / disabled Bus   - Twisp Senior Center

MVSTA Shuttle during Nordic Ski season only